Tinker’s GlassHouse Bar and Grill is prominently located in the heart of historic Bartlesville. Built around 1910, the structure was originally a grocery store on the ground floor with a boarding house above. In 1941, ownership of the building passed to two brothers who operated Perkins Mill and Glass Works out of it for forty-some years. Christina and Patrick Tinker bought the building in 2016 and began renovations that would preserve the original brick structure. New space was added to the north and east sides to create an exciting new restaurant. During renovations, the Tinkers worked with architects and designers to build a space that honors “The Old” and celebrates “The New.”

Perfectly Smoked Meat

Tinker’s chefs prepare steaks, burgers, and fish on a wood-fired grill — burning only locally-sourced pecan wood that is split and stored in the Tinker’s barn. Brisket, pork shoulders, pork ribs, chicken, sausage, and cheeses are slow-smoked on site. All of the wood burning equipment at Tinker's GlassHouse was made to order at J&R Manufacturing Inc., in Mesquite, Texas, to create perfectly smoked meats that melt in your mouth.

From the GlassHouse to your house

Looking for takeout? Tinker's GlassHouse offers convenient pickup and quick takeout from The Market, which operates from a counter right by the front entrance. Fresh-baked bread, signature smoked meats, lunch boxes, and supper takeout options are offered daily. Online ordering makes The Market even more accessible — from the GlassHouse to your house!

Our Commitment to You

The guiding principle of Tinker’s GlassHouse is the commitment to offering the best quality, fresh, authentic foods in a pleasant & welcoming space. The Tinkers hope you, and your friends and neighbors, enjoy meeting and dining here. Travelers and new friends are welcome for a unique dining experience.

About the Tinkers

Christina and Patrick Tinker met in their previous careers at Jane Phillips Hospital in Bartlesville. Christina is a masters level emergency nurse. Patrick worked as a cardiologist for 30 years and was a founding partner of BlueStem Cardiology. Both of the Tinkers still work occasional part-time hours at the hospital.