Best Breads in Bartlesville

Tinker’s GlassHouse artisan breads are all made on site, using dedicated bakery equipment that is mostly from France and Italy. Tinker's classic artisan methods require nearly 20 hours to create perfect bread loaves. Preferments (a portion of bread dough that is made several hours or more in advance of mixing the final dough) are prepared each morning; bakers come to the GlassHouse at midnight to knead and finish the dough. Next, the bread is allowed to rise and is shaped before popping it in the oven. Baking is finished about 10 a.m. Tinker's freshly-baked breads are featured on the menu and are available at The Market for taking home. We also use our delicious breads to make croutons, crostini, and other specialty items.

All About the Bread

The signature breads we offer at the GlassHouse include baguette (the familiar French loaves), ciabatta (lumpy long Italian loaves), focaccia (flatbread topped with olive oil and dried herb) and brioche (an upscale French dough).

Baguette and ciabatta are made with flour, yeast, salt, and water. The flavor comes solely from the overnight fermentation process. No preservatives are used, so these artisan breads are best enjoyed within 48 hours of baking. Tinker’s offer only fresh artisan breads made that same day. Baguettes are used to make crostini (sliced, seasoned and toasted, served with dips) and breadcrumbs for use in the kitchen. Ciabatta is served fresh in the bread basket for dipping and is used for some sandwiches.

Brioche is an upscale French dough used for sandwich loaves, burger buns, and dinner rolls. We make all our sandwiches on these buns or toasted loaf slices. The smaller buns are used for dinner rolls and sometimes for slider appetizers. These delicious buns and loaves are also available in The Market to take home. We use brioche to make our croutons, and it makes outstanding French toast as well. Brioche contains egg, milk, butter, salt, water, yeast, sugar and wheat flour.